Animalz' "Quality Cliff": A good POV example

An example of POV and how it could lead to IP

The content marketing agency Animalz recently published this article, The Quality Cliff: A Mental Model for CMOs. It's a good example of point of view (POV).

A point of view is an argument (a claim of truth, supported by evidence) made in service of your audience's best interest, formulated from your clear and relevant perspective. You might also think of a point of view as: an idea that you wish your market would buy into because their buy-in would make things better for them.

Some ideas are simple and easily expressed, and others are a bit harder to express in a few simple words. I like Animalz' "Quality Cliff" as an example of the latter. Here's how they illustrate it visually:

They're describing the idea of diminishing returns on additional investment in content quality, but using their own branded terminology and helpful visuals. These are things that can make ideas more memorable.

Intellectual property (IP) in our world is: expertise packaged and made usable without our direct involvement. I think that most clients would need an expert's judgement and help to apply Animalz's Quality Cliff idea, so I don't think of their POV as also being full-blown IP, but it doesn't take much creativity to imagine coupling their POV with supporting DIY implementation guidance to create IP in the form of a self-guided diagnostic or the like.

Why not just call this a mental model like Animalz does in the title of their article? (Aside from my personal feeling that that term is cliche and overused) while it is a mental model, mental models don’t have the personal brand association that a good POV can, and so for my audience I prefer to think in terms of POV and IP.

Good stuff from Animalz that I hope some of you are informed and inspired by!


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