Asking and money seem to be correlated

Money comes from people. People decide to transfer money to your account.

Sometimes it's one person who decides. Sometimes it's a group of people who coordinate and decide to transfer the money.

The money almost never gets transferred without you asking for it. Sometimes you ask in a fancy way, with a proposal and lawyerspeak about payment terms. Sometimes you say "if you can send me $x,xxx today I can get started on this now and we'll figure the rest out later" and the person decides to transfer money to your account.

Sometimes you understand the real reason someone is willing to transfer money to your account. Other times, you think you do but you really don't, and the money gets transferred anyway.

Sometimes you create a lot of value and almost nobody is willing to transfer money to your account, even when you ask repeatedly and directly. And other times you're bumbling around and plenty of people are willing to transfer money to your account even though you're not asking for it clearly and assertively.

It's good to figure out repeatable ways to have money transferred into your account; to model and design and build and optimize systems that work most of the time.

But at some point you gotta ask. Or remind. Or reiterate. Or clarify.

Even if you haven't done all the figuring you'd like to.

Yesterday a coaching client had a breakthrough with his POV. I helped make that happen. It doesn't always happen inside of 60 minutes like it did yesterday, but sometimes it does. The years of half-baked thinking and writing about POV I've victimized y'all with has gotten me to the point where I can be an effective guide through unknown territory.

Recently a bunch of you said you think a clear, incisive POV would benefit you/your business:

I need to rustle up some money this week. Here's my ask: send me $1,200 and I'll help you figure out what your clear, incisive POV is. This is how we'll do it:

  • You can schedule 60-minute 1:1 working sessions with me using a Savvycal link I'll send to folks who take me up on this offer. Those sessions can be scheduled Mon - Sat, 9am to 6pm Mountain time and will happen via video call or, if you want to meet me in Bozeman, MT, we'll do it here.

  • You can schedule up to 7 of these sessions. It's very likely that you'll have a clear, incisive POV by the end of the second or third session, but I want this offer to be a no-brainer for y'all, so I'm going with a generous cap on the total number of sessions so that those who need more support can get it. Once you have a POV you're satisfied with, we're done unless you want to send me more money to become a coaching client or join OpportunityLabs.

  • You can ping me anytime via email and I'll help ASAP or suggest a quick call to resolve or, worst case, bounce the issue to our next session if it needs that much bandwidth to deal with.

People, this is a good deal. It expires on Friday, March 31, 2023. Here's how you transfer money to my account if you want to take me up on it:

Also, here is a button if you would prefer clicking on a button in order to transfer money to my account:

After you pay, you'll be bounced to the Savvycal scheduling page where you can set up your first session with me and get crankin on defining, clarifying, sharpening, and amplifying your point of view.

*Asking goes both ways. Want this offer but don't have $1,200 lying around? What's stopping you from asking me for a different price, terms, etc? :)