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Small-scale research -> shared value, workshop discount deadline looming

Happy Saturday, people!

As many of you know, I regularly advocate for doing research that is small, focused, inexpensive, and enables better decision-making. I refer to this as small-scale research (SSR).

Check this out from Josh Baron, a criminal defense attorney (he shared this with me and then gave me permission to share it with y'all):

I have a quick SSR success story for you.

I did a criminal justice attitudes survey of 500+ potential jurors in Utah (attached). I put it up on the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers email listserv on Tuesday and the response has been incredible. UACDL asked me to present on it at their annual seminar and wants to co-publish something. Another group of public defenders asked me to present the results at their training.

I did the survey mostly for fun, but it's probably been the highest-impact "advertising" money I've ever spent.

Here's a quick breakdown of the cost:

- $300 for SurveyMonkey pro (annual)
- $2,700 for response collection
- $200 for a stats friend to look the results over

I'm working on two articles for the Utah Bar Journal based on the results. It's also going to be useful for decision making in my own practice. Huge win.

To give you a sense of the kind of questions Josh was asking in this survey, here is a screenshot of one of the approximately 30 questions the survey contained:

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