Some new writing on point of view

It doesn't have hostage negotiation stories, but maybe you'll benefit from it anyway?

I want to be one of those people who ships a good book every 2 years. Not even a great book every time, just a useful book that a soccer riot's worth of people per year find helpful.

I wrote a book as a way to prepare for a talk last year. A book on point of view for a talk on point of view. I think the core of the book is good, but the intro worked better as a talk than as a book. Amidst spinning up a done-for-you service offering, coaching some folks on POV, looking for a better place to live in Bozeman/Livingston, wondering if I should get a fixed-gear bike again, and other life stuff, I've been pecking away at a rewrite of this book.

Here's a preview of the new work:

The preview is just the first chapter. At 2,882 words (15 pages of PDF), it's not a hefty read. One of the things I'm starting to really prioritize in the book-shaped content I produce is to have the first chapter deliver the entire thing, such that if a reader put the book down after the first chapter and never picked it up again, they'd have a holon of the book's entire argument and a basket of ideas that more than pays them back for the time and money they invested in the book. One model for this is Alan Weiss' "Million Dollar Referrals" which has one of the best first-business-book-chapters I've ever come across. Chris Voss' "Never Split The Difference" is another great first chapter, but it's not a usable template given my lack of personal FBI hostage negotiation stories.

Anyway, there you have it; a preview of some work in progress that I hope you find helpful.

If I may, a request: I'm looking to connect an executive coaching client with other business owners who have similar revenue models. Specifically, he is interested in talking to people who:

  • Have long-term relationships (3+ years) with a small number of clients

  • Have high lifetime value from each client ($1 million+)

  • Have a smaller client roster compared to competitors

The goal is for business owners with this model to share insights and strategies around growing and scaling this type of business.

If you run a company that meets the above criteria and are open to chatting with my client, please let me know. I’ll then introduce you two to get the conversation started.